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Barksdale 3767M3WC3 Shear-Seal® Sub-plate Mounted Manifold Valve

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BARKSDALE Shear-Seal® Sub-plate Mounted Manifold Valve.Download Datasheet


Barksdale’s Sub-plate Mounted Manifold Valve products provide ease of installation and service where a sub-plate design is desired. They offer the benefits found in Barksdale’s line of mounted Heavy Duty Valve products while incorporating a simplified fit. These valves provide superior directional control for fluids and gasses up to 4,500 psi in the toughest industrial applications. Using Barksdale’s Shear-Seal® technology, the Sub-plate Mounted Manifold Valve products offer dependable performance and long life even when the media being controlled is contaminated with debris that would ruin ordinary valves. Product features: Original Shear-Seal® technology; convenient sub-plate manifold mounting; Low pressure drop; High velocity flow; Spring Return Option; Tolerates contaminates; Low handle load at high pressures.

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