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Barksdale 425X-22-P3 Pressure Transducer

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BARKSDALE 425X Series Explosion Proof Transducer.Download Datasheet


Barksdale’s 420X   Series Explosion Proof Transducers prevent an explosion from occurring when   operated in a Division 1 environment. Barksdale’s 420X Series transducers   prevent personal injury and machinery damage by preventing the explosion the   first place. Energy generated within the transducer is of such a low level   that intermittently present flammable vapors will not be ignited. External   zener barriers are not required in order to meet UL requirements for a   non-incendive installation. The lower cost of not having to install zener   barriers means that the positive aspects of intrinsically safe and explosion   proof are combined in Barksdale non-incendive transducers.    

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Weight 3 lbs
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